Headphones Under 300 Are The Sweet Spot

When my Sony Premium Bluetooth Headphones arrived (MDR1000X/B in black) I couldn’t wait to try out the noise cancellation. As a university lecturer working in an open-plan environment it’s crucial to be able to cut out external noise to achieve any sense of privacy. What I was seeking when I bought these phones was to isolate myself, hear music at its best and yet have the control to be able to listen to outside my world at the touch of a button. Now I’ve spent two of the busiest weeks of the semester with them I am cheerful to write that they are everything I wanted and are the best headphones under 300 I could have imagined and here’s why.

I really appreciate that I don’t have wires hanging everywhere getting caught up with my buttons or my chair or any other thing like wires do – these wireless beauties just sit on my ears and with Hi-Res Audio I can be transported by my music and it’s this sound quality of my new Sonys that gives it the edge over my old Sennheisers. It’s not always easy to describe why one set is the best headphones against another but with these it is the vocals giving a superior brightness. I have to listen and transcribe lyrics a lot in music categories as various as from jazz to soul, folk to reggae and this is obviously an important factor and I can’t believe that for under 300 I’ve got a quality of vocals sounding more as if I’m in the same room as the singers in a smaller room.

Next major point about these being the best is the touch controls which on this Sony features on the left side which for me couldn’t be better. They work  absolutely perfectly – I give 2 taps for play/pause, with a swipe right and left I get to another track, then if I swipe up and down the volume is increased/decreased. The ambient sound button on these best headphones under 300 dollars is a fantastic feature and there are again 2 modes for this button, one which allows all sound to be heard by disabling the noise cancellation, and one which allows only voices while keeping noise cancellation somewhat enabled. I hope this review turns you on to these new Sony headphones – they really are the best if your budget means like me they need to be bought for under 300.